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The Beta Readers were sourced through the Niche Reader ( service. They come from the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand. They have no connection whatever with Seamus McKenna nor, as far as he is aware, with each other.

From BETA reader RB:

What was your overall impression of the story?

“This book was beautifully written, lyrical, detailed and it flowed very well. I also found the glimpses into life and business from 1950-the 2000’s really fascinating.”

What did you like about it the most?

“Firstly I really like the cover and the tagline is inspired – really catchy and intriguing. I loved the authors detailed and lyrical style.”

From BETA reader CG:

What was your overall impression of the story?

“Overall, I really enjoyed it. It spans a lot of time with a decent number of characters who were reasonably easy to keep track of and the story progressed nicely.”

Did you find the main character engaging? If so, what was most engaging about them? If you didn’t find them engaging, why not?

“I found Raymond and Augustus engaging. Augustus, for his insistence on using convoluted/educated language, even when it doesn’t benefit him and could lead to confusion. Also, that he is very human with flaws as well as down-sides.”

From BETA reader DD:

What was your overall impression of the story?

“My overall impression of this story was that it was quite unique in its plot. I think it has an interesting storyline and I enjoyed reading it right from start to finish.”

What did you like about it the most?

“I enjoyed the characters in this story. I liked the mixture of young and old and also the ones from different countries and backgrounds. This novel has an international appeal.”

Did the story grab you from the beginning? If not, why not?

“I was interested in the story from the start. I thought that it was an interesting plot with strong characters. I enjoyed the family relationships and the differences that the boys and father had with one another all came across as well described and believable.”

Was there anything in the story that you had trouble believing or that seemed illogical?

“I did not find anything in the storyline to be either unbelievable or illogical. It all seemed credible to me. There are many lengths some people would go to when it comes to a family inheritance or dodgy business deals and scams.”

Did you notice any inconsistencies in the plot, with the characters, or with anything else?

“I did not notice anything inconsistent with either the characters or any parts of the plot in this story. It also seemed to run smoothly and at an even pace.”

From BETA reader NL:

Did the story grab you from the beginning? If not, why not?

“Yes, I was both shocked and drawn in by the cold violence of the description of knives and slaughtering practices at the beginning, which set the tone for the rest of the story.”

Was the story easy to follow? If not, why not?

“Yes, the story was easy to follow.”

Overall, which characters did you find the least engaging, and why?

“I found all of the characters engaging in their own way. Even the more minor characters were developed enough to hold my interest and for me to understand their role in the story and to be interested in the part they had to play.”

Did you find the ending satisfying? If not, why not?

“Yes, it felt like all the characters who had engaged in greedy, questionable or illegal practices got their comeuppance.”